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Who do we want to be in 2035?

We want to be like The Watts.

A ‘Shaper’ Series

Who (Or What) Are

The Watts?

The Watts is a mini episodic visualisation of what the year 2035 could look like for CEO/CIO/CTOs and their businesses as they replace legacy systems with new ones.

It provides future-conscious viewers with a visual framework for how to remain both relevant and impactful over the next 15 years.

The Watts is a ‘Shaper’ series bringing today’s leaders into an innovative future where they can explore how the decisions they make now will impact the world of tomorrow.

Visualising The Future One Episode At A Time

The Watts ‘shaper’ series looks and sounds like a regular tv show, but its content is carefully shaped using behavioural change methodologies and modern learning techniques to help shape the thoughts and feelings of the viewer.

Surrounding each episode is a learning curriculum with assessment, knowledge checks, activities, explainer videos and exams.

Humans x Machines

The world of work is changing, fast. Most corporations have outdated systems that are ill-equipped both to serve their workforce and to tap into the new world of human-machine collaboration.

This is why BoxMedia’s Emmy award-winning team of filmmakers and world-leading learning experts have created an innovative vision for the future of work.

This bingeable ‘Shaper’ series transports today’s leaders into the dynamic world of 2035, giving them a chance to explore future technologies, and the impact they’ll have on the world around us.

Shaping Behavioural Change

Combining Hollywood-quality content and a commitment to the UN Sustainability Goals, this series doesn’t just start conversations – it leads them.

BoxMedia’s behavioural change methodology allows the viewer to immerse themselves in a story that’s designed to help shape their long-term thinking and develop foresight.

Bingeing The Watts feels like downtime – when in fact it’s setting up our leaders to start and continue important conversations about the future of work and take action.

The value of edutainment and micro-learning

Engaging with mini-series-style content increases confidence in overall knowledge by 21%. Moreover, 99% of learners would recommend this type of learning to others.[Ref ]

Micro-learning is 17% more efficient and tracks 50% more engagement than traditional learning – making it perfect for rapid upskilling. [Ref]

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About Us

The Watts is brought to you by BoxMedia’s incredible team of experts from a number of different fields, including psychology and neuroscience.

Working alongside Hollywood filmmakers and award-winning storytellers, BoxMedia’s innovative approach to learning is as joyful as it is impactful.

Our carbon pledge: aim for zero, build the future.

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